Somebody once told me, “there’s never a perfect time to have a baby.” I took that bit of wisdom and stuck it in my back pocket for a time far in the future.

And the time has finally arrived. No, I’m not having a baby.

For a long time I’ve been wanting to scale what I do, but so much of what I do seemed to not be scalable. After all, I’m a writer and content marketer. My bread and butter are the words I put on the page.

I had experimented with hiring VAs and freelancers in the past to help with things I’m not so good at, but it never seemed to work out. Now, I think I’ve finally figured out what I was doing wrong.

First, there’s never a perfect time to scale.

We’ll always want just a little more money in the bank, just a bit more cashflow. We’ll want our processes figured out a bit more and our project management system set up flawlessly. We’ll want just one more client or to wait until we finish that big looming project. The timing is just never right.

Second, we give up too quickly. We hire one freelancer that doesn’t work out, one VA that doesn’t seem to take initiative. We fail to give proper instructions and eventually we decide that our new hire isn’t worth what we’re paying them. So we let them go, and conclude that there’s just no good help out there.

But both of these are fallacies.

Of course the timing is never perfect. You have a life! Lives aren’t convenient. They are messy and chaotic and filled with surprises, both good and bad.

And of course there is good help out there. But we can’t conclude our search after two or three people over a few years. It takes way more trying than that, for sure.

And the kicker is this: scaling is a job. You have to train the people and set up the systems and take the initiative. In the beginning those are things you simply cannot phone in.


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