When you forget to take a shower and rush out the door in the morning, excited to get to work.

When you feel capable of better and more work than you ever thought possible.

When you can’t stop talking about what you’re working on with others.

When you don’t realize that you’re dedicating more time than is expected of you on a project.

When the boring parts of the job energize instead of drain you.

When the people around you feel that energy and reflect it back.

When you work late or through lunch because you lost track of time.

When you nerd out about processes, workflows, and administrative efficiencies.

When you feel supremely connected to the others you work with who share your passion.

When you commit wholeheartedly without worrying about how much you’re getting paid or the return-on-investment.

When you stop keeping score. Of yourself and others.


Once you connect with passion, it’s like a spark in a tinder pile inside a paper factory built atop an oil field. It erupts into flames and there’s no stopping it. Your only job after the ignition is to keep adding fuel, ensuring the flame lasts forever.

That’s what passion feels like, at least to me.


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