You might experience regret. Specifically if where you are in your life now isn’t where you’d hoped you’d be several years ago. When we’re young we make bold plans based on our dreams and passions, but inevitably we abandon them for more practical pursuits.

That’s okay.

Where you’re at now isn’t where you’ll be in a year. And it’s not even close to where you’ll be in five.

That’s because all careers are nebulous, winding their ways along different paths, reacting to the flows of life and the terrain of the market.

Actually, if you feel like you’re on the wrong path, that’s good. It shows that you still care. And there’s still a possibility for change. The discontent you feel is your north star, your compass toward a better calling.

Follow it.

It might take you six months or ten years to become frustrated enough to quit your current gig to do something new, something closer to your heart. And that might feel far too slow for you. But be patient. Things come in their own time. Let the frustration build up until it becomes unbearable. Then make your move.

My own career is lightyears away from where I thought it would go ten years ago. But I no longer want what I wanted ten years ago. Sure, some of what I desired remains, but it’s changed. It’s evolved.

And of course, it’s still evolving. And it always will evolve. Contentment in life is a myth. As soon as you’re content, you’re dead.

So please, no matter where you’re at now, no matter where you want to be, understand that your discontentment is good. Great, even. Feel it. Cherish it. Let it drive you at night and on weekends to experiment with other paths. Let it consume your soul, and your bank account. Build it slowly, in the dark, without any credit, with only the joy of pursuit guiding you.

Eventually, perhaps soon, you’ll find yourself in a better place. A place that you’ll look back from and wonder how it was you got there.

All careers are winding. Not only is that fine, it’s the best thing you could hope for. Everything else is boring. Everything else is death.


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