One of the goals for this blog has been to publish every single day. Many people set goals like this whether they’re tying to quit smoking, add an exercise routine to their weekly schedule, or what have you. And, like many who’ve come before me, I’ve delivered on my daily writing, without exception, until now.

After 48 daily articles, I broke the chain.

Perhaps it was the culmination of events at the end of the year, the oncoming holiday week, or the conclusion of several stressful events. Whatever it was, something stopped me from putting words on the page.

So I took a couple of days off. And in all seriousness, I considered stopping the daily writing altogether. For all my talk about commitment, it’s funny to flip my opinion 180° in the matter of a day or two.

I think the reason the lethargy sets in, once a chain is broken, is that we have a weird belief about chains. Unlike literal chains, we think that once a habit streak is broken, we must start over completely. However, in the real world you don’t throw a chain out when it’s broken, you simply repair it.

So today I’m setting out to write the two missing articles, backdate them, and start tomorrow as if the break never happened.

And I think there’s a powerful lesson in this for everybody struggling with a commitment.

Which is to say, if you break your chain, don’t replace it. Repair it.


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